"Welcome to Bala-Hy Motel & Cottages - your Muskoka Destination for Rest & Relaxation."

Celebrating 66 years of memories.

To accommodate your stay in the Bala area, we at the Bala-Hy Motel & Cottages eagerly await to satisfy your Muskoka vacation desires. Click on the top icons to discover what awaits you at the Bala-Hy Motel & Cottages.

Bala-Hy Celebrates Families in 2018

Week Day* Family** Holiday Packages From July 2 to August 31, 2018

Discover the wonders of Muskoka without “breaking the bank.”

Number of nights

Price per night


Total Price

(excludes HST)









3 - 5



$300.00 - $500.00

 * A week day is Sunday to Thursday.

**A family consists of 2 adults, maximum 3 children (less than 18 years old)

***Saving are based upon regular price for 2 rooms (each room contains one queen bed or 2 singles) of $184.00

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