Our 52nd year of business has brought a new addition to our family. My brother Gordon and his wife Maggie had a bay girl in January by the Name of Anna Marie Farlie. She just might turn out to be the next member of the family to carry on the Bala-Hy legacy. We wish them well and we enjoy years of fun and enjoyment with our new arrival.

I also would like to wish Karen and her husband Dino, who got married last May, all the best in there many years of happiness. If you get to see Dino while you are here please make a point of mentioning the Leafs to him. He is not a fan of the Leafs and I hope they go all the way this year.

We just came off a very successful year even with all the problems caused by SARS, mad cow, the black out, west nile, and the unrest over seas. We feel lucky, knowing that some business barely got by or closed completely. We are hoping to build on the success we have had to create a better product for our guests.

We are completing our renovations to our lakeside cottages, which will add to the comfort of our guests. We will once again offer our complimentary continental breakfast, which has been a great success.

I look forward to sharing another summer with you and for those that will be "first timers" many more summers to come.

See you soon.
Rob Farlie .